Eight limbs on the tree of life
Fourteen Video Game Stages Of Spiritual Development
Video game of life
Jain ethics and five vows
Sat Chit Ananda
Non-violence in your mind and body
New Thought
New Concepts
New Wiring
New Personality
New Human
Yamas list of do’s
Yamas-Sat Chit Ananda
What Is Panpsychism 3-16-2018
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Mind and Body
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Emotions
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Thought
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Concepts
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Wiring
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Personality
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Human
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Where Do These Memories Come From
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Mindfulness
Āsana Postures
Āsana Postures-Temple Of God
Āsana Postures-Chakras
Āsana Postures-DNA
Āsana Postures-Bruce Lipton
Āsana Postures-Endocrine System
Prānāyāma-The Breath
Prānāyāma-Fine Tune Your Radio Station
Pratyāhāra withdrawing of the external senses
Pratyāhāra-Five Internal Senses
Dhāraṇā Fixity--Breathe
Dhāraṇā Fixity-Fixity
Dhāraṇā Fixity--Recalibrate
Dhyāna Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Simple Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Anima
Dhyana Meditation-Where Would I Be Without Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Mediation
Dhyana Meditation-Carry Your Meditation Into Your Daily Life
Dhyana Meditation-The Word
Samādhi समाधि
Tricks Of the Trade
The Wonderous Human Body
Fine Tune Your Radio Station
07-14-2019 Your Body Is Your Drug Store
07-21-2019 How To Use The Quantum Field
It's Been There All The Time
Playing With Your Chemistry Kit
Your body Is Your Drug Store
Five Internal Senses
Garbage Collector For The Mind
Relax Your Muscles Every Day
The Path Is what You think It Is
Is This From A Mystic Or A Sceintist
Art Of Practice And Creativity
Old self and new self
Your actions create your own future
People see the future through the lenses of the past
Lower the audio of a negative emotion
Are You Curious or Dull About Life
Memory without emotional charge is called wisdom
Nerve cells that fire together wire together
You can turn on the stress control by your thoughts alone
Modify our behaviors reprogram the mind
Observe vs participate
The Mind is the brain in action
Behaviors to match the intention
Memorize and act consciously over and over again
Nobody changes until you change your energy
Your body is your subconscious mind
Being a victim vs being a creator
Non-Placebo effect
Habits take at least three weeks