05-11-2020 Creative Project
Paula Jensen-Receipe for Friendship
John Franklin Fletcher - One God
John Franklin Fletcher - Cosmic Travelers
John Franklin Fletcher - Never Give Up Hope
John Franklin Fletcher - Nobody Truly Wins a War
John Franklin Fletcher - Visitor
John Franklin Fletcher - Timeless
John Franklin Fletcher - Being Old
John Franklin Fletcher - I Feel So Good When I Feel Love
John Franklin Fletcher - Angels Fallen From Heaven
John Franklin Fletcher - In a Day of Lovers
John Franklin Fletcher - Sea of Mercy
John Franklin Fletcher - Rumi I am the Soul
John Franklin Fletcher - If Superman Was A Man
Donn and Richard-How Can a Fish Drown In Water
Donn and Richard-The World Is a Drama
Donn and Richard-Sailing
Donn and Richard-Meditation
Donn and Richard-He Who Says Doesn't Know
Donn and Richard-As A Man Of Forty
Donn and Richard-Stairway Of Life
Donn and Richard-Life Is A Garland
Donn and Richard-Focus
Donn and Richard-Serenity
Donn and Richard-Forgive
Donn and Richard-Nothing To Prove
Donn and Richard-3 Blind Men And The Elephant
Brad Schultz-All-is-One-1
House Of The Future
My High School Poetry Teacher
Betty Topalion Poetry Assignment
David Humphrey
John Slowsky
David Gelfand
Joe Lopez
Katharita Parsons Lamoza
John Baier
David Schweizer
PAUL Mcclain
Leilani And Family
My Sister Jane
My Brother David And His Family
My Twin Brother
My Twin Brother John And His Family
Monroe Institute
Monroe Experience Part 1
Monroe Experience Part 2
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 1
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 2
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 3
Charles R Beresford-WHERE ARE YOU GOING
Charles R Beresford-Charlie The Dragon
Ram Das-Quotes 1
Ram Das-Quotes 2
Scott Schaefer Mom and Dad
Steven Soffer-when is one plus one only one
Steven Soffer-love is like a fox
Steven Soffer-listen do you want to know a secret
Steven Soffer-just a note
Steven Soffer-its so easy to fall in love
Steven Soffer-i hear thunder
Steven Soffer-have you had an accident
Steven Soffer-have you flown His magic carpet
Steven Soffer-have you been struck by cupids arrows
Steven Soffer-does HE talk to you
Steven Soffer-do you want to go to eternities garden
Steven Soffer-do you know HIS number
Steven Soffer-Are you finally ready to play divine hide and seek
Steven Soffer-a flute divine plays within