Chapter 1 The Sorrow of Arjuna
Chapter 3 The Yoga of Action
Chapter 4 The Yoga of Wisdom
Chapter 5 The Yoga of Renunciation
Chapter 6 The Yoga of Meditation
Chapter 7 The Yoga of Wise Understanding
Chapter 8 The Yoga of Imperishable God
Chapter 9 The Yoga of Royal Knowledge and Mystery
Chapter 10 The Yoga of Manifestation
Chapter 12 The Yoga of Devotion
Chapter 13 Distinguishing the Field and the Knower
Chapter 14 Distinguishing the Three Qualities
Chapter 15 The Yoga of the Highest Spirit
Chapter 16 Distinguishing the Divine and the Demonic
Chapter 17 Distinguishing Three Kinds of Faith
Chapter 18 The Yoga of Liberation by Renunciation
Closing Chapter The Relevance of the Gita Today
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