Laws - Heart Of Gold

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Brahmanand-Palace in the sky
Brahmanand-the miracle
Brahmanand-your creation
Brahmanand-prepare yourself
Kabir-Thristy Fish
Kabir-Thristy Fish
Kabir-Oh Companion That Abode Is Unmatched
Kabir-Are you looking for me
Kabir-Illusion and Reality
Kabir-Where do you search me
Kabir-Looking at the grinding stones
Kabir-I Said To The Wanting-Creature Inside Me
Kabir-The moon shines in my body
Kabir-Knowing nothing shuts the iron gates
Kabir-My body is flooded
Kabir-The Word
Kabir-WITHIN this earthen vessel
Kabir-The Lord is in me
Kabir-My swan, let us fly to that land
Kabir-O Slave, liberate yourself
Kabir-The Guest is inside you, and also inside me
Kabir-To Be A Slave Of Intensity
Kabir-O servant, where dost thou seek Me
Kabir-The Impossible Pass
Kabir-Plucking your eyebrows
Kabir-When the Day came
Kabir-The self forgets itself
Kabir-Many hoped
Kabir-It is needless to ask of a saint
Kabir-Lamps burn in every house
Kabir-Lift the veil
Kabir-My body and my mind
Kabir-O How may I ever express that secret word
Kabir-Tell me, Brother
Kabir-Oh Sadhu
Kabir-THE light of the sun
Kabir-The middle region of the sky
Kabir-The river and its waves are one
Kabir-To what shore would you cross
Kabir-What kind of God would He be
Kabir-When He Himself Reveals Himself
Kabir-Where Spring, the lord of the seasons
Ravidas-The Name alone is the Truth
Ravidas-The City Of God
Ravidas-Upon seeing Poverty
Ravidas-How to escape
Ravidas-If You are a mountain
Ravidas-When I existed
Ravidas-You are me
Mirabai-I am mad with love
Mirabai-Do Not Leave Me
Mirabai-I Have Found My Guru
Mirabai-Nothing Is Really Mine Except Krishna
Mirabai-A Cowherding Girl
Mirabai-I Send Letters
Mirabai-Keep Up Your Promise
Surdas-Merciful Krishna
Surdas-Secrete signs
Tulsidas-Doha 1
Tulsidas-Prayer 3
Tulsidas-Glimpse Of The Invisible
Tulsidas-Sound Celestial