The Light Within
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
Claims of young Jesus in Britain
Claims of Jesus Christ in India
The Christ of India
The spiritual training of Jesus
The History of Isha Messiah–Jesus the Christ
The worship of Shiva
Benares and Jagannath Puri
Return to the West
Misunderstanding becomes a religion
Return to India–not ascension
Some Buddhist historical records about Jesus
The Nathanamavali
The Bhavishya Maha Purana
Master and disciple
Saint Thomas the Apostle in India
The disciples of Saint Thomas
History of the Ishanni Sampradaya
Joseph of Arimathea
Archaeological evidence
Spiritual meanings
Did Jesus As A Boy Visit England
Glastonbury archaeology is revealing new truths
You Are Closer Than You Think
The Breath
Breathing Through Your Mouth
Fine Tune Your Radio Station
The Fight of Two Wolves Within You
Learning How To Ride A Bicycle
Follow The Recipe
The Frog in The Well
3 Blind Men And The Elephant
Stop The Noise In Your Head
The Mirror
Who Were You Before You Were Born
The Wheel Of Life
You Are You Own Creator
Cosmic Travelers
Castles In The Sand
If Death Approaches You
Last Breath
Temple Of God
The Cosmic Merry Go Round
Time Passes Every Breath
We Are Made To Experience
You Are Made Of The Same Stuff As the Universe
What A Magnificent Drop You Are
Space Dust
Your body Is Your Drug Store
The Heart Of God
The Mind Of God
Slow Down
The Path Is what You think It Is
Occam's razor
Relax Your Muscles Every Day
Garbage Collector For The Mind
A man who knows his true home
Are There New Rules To Discover God
When I Returned From India
Are We Wired For God
Can You Experience God While You Are Alive
Five Internal Senses
The Light Of God
Theory Versus Practical
Crystal Clear
I Don’t Know Why People Pass This Up
There Are Sign Post Of God Everywhere
Take Care Of Your Body
How Do I Meditate
If I Could Recommend One Thing
Why Weren’t We Taught Where To Look For God
Ponder It Over
Does Life Throw You A Curve Ball
Who Am I
The Mind Is A Mirror
The mosquito itch
Throw Away The Anger
True Nature Of The Mind
You Are A Genie
Give Up
I Don’t Get It
Beat a rug
Pay attention to your craft