Meeting his teacher Shams of Tabriz
Wonderful Years With My Master
Whirling Dervishes
Rumi-Like this
Rumi-Love is the Water of Life
Rumi-A moment of happiness
Rumi-All through eternity
Rumi-This is love to fly toward a secret sky
Rumi-Love is reckless
Rumi-I am a sculptor, a molder of form
Rumi-Passion makes the old medicine new
Rumi-The beauty of the heart
Rumi-I am only the house of your beloved
Rumi-The springtime of Lovers has come
Rumi-Love has nothing to do with
Rumi-When the rose is gone
Rumi-Because I cannot sleep
Rumi-Who is at my door
Rumi-Confused and distraught
Rumi-I will beguile him with the tongue
Rumi-I have come so that, tugging your ear
Rumi-A New Rule
Rumi-Ode 2180
Rumi-This is love to fly to heaven
Rumi-Sweetly parading you go my soul of soul
Rumi-Be Lost in the Call
Rumi-O you who’ve gone on pilgrimage
Rumi-if a tree could wander
Rumi-Come, come, whoever you are
Rumi-On the Deathbed
Rumi-This Marriage
Rumi-This World Which Is Made of Our Love
Rumi-The drum of the realization
Rumi-Mystic Odes 473
Rumi-Our death is our wedding with eternity
Rumi-Mystic Odes 833
Rumi-These spiritual window-shoppers
Rumi-I died
Rumi-Gone to the Unseen
Rumi-How did you get away
Rumi-He Comes
Rumi-Poor copies out of heaven’s originals
Rumi-The Spirit Of The Saints
Rumi-The True Sufi
Rumi-The Unseen Power
Rumi-The Progress Of Man
Rumi-Reality And Appearance
John Fletcher - Rumi - I Am The Soul
John Fletcher - Rumi - Beauty of the Heart
John Fletcher - Rumi - Ecstatic Motion
John Fletcher - Rumi - Everything
John Fletcher - Rumi - Raise Your Words
John Fletcher - Rumi - Sorrow
John Fletcher - Rumi - Be Like
John Fletcher - Rumi - Guest House
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John Fletcher - Rumi - Hearts Desire
Rumi On love