The Jeweler And The Thief
The Fight of Two Wolves Within You
Learning How To Ride A Bicycle
Follow The Recipe
The Frog in The Well
3 Blind Men And The Elephant
Stop The Noise In Your Head
The Mirror
The Ugly Duckling
The Sun And The Wind
The Sun And Darkness
House Of The Future
The Boat And The Whale
Mark McClellan
Mark Blackburn
Paul Cohen
Surfing Adventure
South American Travels
Surfing Experience In France
Indian Pakistan War
First Day In India
Mediation Ganges
The Journey With The Girls
Getting Drunk On Water
Travels In Africa
Seeing Maharaj Ji On Telephone Wires
South Africa
South Africa Friends
Chris Parker
Kali Rodriguez
Kathleen Cook
Santa Fe New Mexico
Monroe Institute
Monroe Experience Part 1
Monroe Experience Part 2
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 1
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 2
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 3
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 4
Monroe Adventure 1985 part 5
Second grade Mrs Werner
Sixth grade Mr Walker
Seventh grade
Joan Condon
Betty Topalion
Betty Topalion Poetry Assignment
Bob Wentz
Julia Smart
Jim Hemsley
Gerald Noser Algebra Teacher
Coach Bob Halley Biology Teacher
Coach Robert Donald
Carroll Tatro
My First Girl Friend
Mark And Geraldine