Intro Take Two
Jainism Mahavira quotes
Eight limbs on the tree of life
Eight limbs Commentary
Yamas social restraints
Fourteen Video Game Stages Of Spiritual Development
Video game of life
Jain ethics and five vows
Sat Chit Ananda
Violence in our leaders
Did Jainism Help Shape the American Civil Rights Movement
My Trip to the Land of Gandhi
My Trip to the Land of Gandhi 2
Non-violence in protests
Non-violence in schools
Non-violence in relationships
Non-violence in your mind and body
New Thought
New Concepts
New Wiring
New Personality
New Human
You Are Closer Than You Think
Non-violence in media
The Drama Queen
Non-violence in Politics
Non-violence in economy
Non-violence in personal beliefs
Non-violence in diet
Yamas list of do’s
Yamas-Sat Chit Ananda
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Mind and Body
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Emotions
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Thought
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Concepts
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Wiring
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Human
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Where Do These Memories Come From
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Mindfulness
Āsana Postures
Āsana Postures-Temple Of God
Āsana Postures-Chakras
Āsana Postures-DNA
Āsana Postures-Bruce Lipton
Āsana Postures-Endocrine System
Prānāyāma-The Breath
Prānāyāma-Fine Tune Your Radio Station
Pratyāhāra withdrawing of the external senses
Pratyāhāra-Five Internal Senses
Dhāraṇā Fixity--Breathe
Dhāraṇā Fixity-Fixity
Dhāraṇā Fixity--Recalibrate
Dhyāna Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Simple Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Anima
Dhyana Meditation-Where Would I Be Without Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Mediation
Dhyana Meditation-Carry Your Meditation Into Your Daily Life
Dhyana Meditation-The Word
Samādhi समाधि
Jain Meditation Old School
Preksha Meditation
Perception Of Breathing
Perception Of Alternate Breathing
Perception Of Alternate Breathing Exercise
Pindāstha Dhyāna
Padāstha Dhyāna
Rūpāstha Dhyāna
The Spiritual Elevation And Salvation Of The Soul
Jain Meditation New School
Internal Journey
Perception of Breathing New
Om Meditation
Perception of Breathing New
How To Do Alternate Nostril Breathing(Nadi Shodhana)
The Breath
Breathing Through Your Mouth
Fine Tune Your Radio Station
Monitoring Your Thoughts And Emotions
Mind Movies
11-28-2020 40 Days 40 Nights
Teachers Pramilaji and Priyaji
Jain Prānāyāma
Arugga Bohi Acupressure
Arugga Bohi Mantras
Arugga Bohi Human Anatomy
Arugga Bohi Seed Therapy
Arugga Bohi Mudra Healing
Arugga Bohi Detox Diet and others
Arugga Bohi Rog Anusar Yoga
Arugga Bohi Rog Saptu Dhatu 7 tissues
Arugga Bohi Rog Ritu Charya Seasonings