It's Been There All The Time
The palace in the sky
Brahmanand-Palace in the sky
Yamas list of do’s
Yamas-Sat Chit Ananda
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Mind and Body
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Emotions
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Thought
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Concepts
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Wiring
Shaucha(शौच) purity-New Human
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Where Do These Memories Come From
Shaucha(शौच) purity-Mindfulness
Āsana Postures
Āsana Postures-Temple Of God
Āsana Postures-Chakras
Āsana Postures-DNA
Āsana Postures-Bruce Lipton
Āsana Postures-Endocrine System
Prānāyāma-The Breath
Prānāyāma-Fine Tune Your Radio Station
Pratyāhāra withdrawing of the external senses
Pratyāhāra-Five Internal Senses
Dhāraṇā Fixity--Breathe
Dhāraṇā Fixity-Fixity
Dhāraṇā Fixity--Recalibrate
Dhyāna Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Simple Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Anima
Dhyana Meditation-Where Would I Be Without Meditation
Dhyana Meditation-Mediation
Dhyana Meditation-Carry Your Meditation Into Your Daily Life
Dhyana Meditation-The Word
Samādhi समाधि
Stories-The Jeweler And The Thief
Stories-Planting The Seeds
Stories-Stop The Noise In Your Head
Stories-The Frog in The Well
Stories-Signposts Are All Around
Stories-Fellow Wizards Advice
Stories-Wizards Handbook
Stories-The Fight of Two Wolves Within You
Stories-Follow The Recipe
Stories-3 Blind Men And The Elephant
Stories-The Mirror
Stories-The Ugly Duckling
Stories-The Sun And The Wind
Stories-The Sun And Darkness
Stories-Mediation Ganges
Stories-Kundalini Snake Experience
In The Beginning Was The Word
The Cosmic Merry Go Round
The Wheel Of Life
You Are Made Of The Same Stuff As the Universe
Kingdom Of Heaven
The field ripples everywhere
We See Only 1% Of The Light Spectrum
Practice-Putting Into Practice
Practice-How To Do Alternate Nostril Breathing(Nadi Shodhana)
Practice-Concentrate On Positive Emotions
Practice-Sitting Down Meditation
Practice-Phase 1
Practice-Phase 2
Phase 2 continues
Practice-Phase 3
Practice-Phase 3 Meditation
Practice-Walking Meditation
Practice-Sleeping Meditation
Practice-Monitoring Your Thoughts And Emotions
Practice-Mind Movies
2-03-2017 Life’s mystery
2-4-2017 Many people think
2-5-2017 Did you get to practice
3-01-2017 Welcome to a brand new day
3-02-2017 Anger = gasoline on fire
4-8-2017 definition of a mystic
5-12-2017 Does the universe stop
3-10-2018 Universe
07-21-2019 How To Use The Quantum Field
07-27-2019 How To Use The Quantum Field 2
Food and nutrition
Spiritual Mentors