A Man May Be The Ruler Of This World
As A Man Of Forty
Don't Take Life So Seriously
Dreams Are Gentle Reminders To Come Back Home
Freedom Is A State Of Mind
From The Lord God Of My Being
God Is Love Love Is God
God Is Truth
Happiness Is A State Of Mind
He Who Says Doesn't Know
How Can A Fish Drown In Water
How Can We Solve The Problems Of Life If We Don't Know What Life Is
If A Person Is Fanatical He Can't See The Forest From The Trees
If Our Mind Is Like A Computer How Do We Program Life
If Thy Eye Be Single Thy Body Shall Be Filled With Light
If You Had Only One Wish What Would You Ask For
In Our Search For Life We Make It So Complicated
In The Darkness Comes Forth The Seed Of Life
Its A Wise Man Who Can See The Forest From The Trees
Just One Breath Is A Miracle
Knowledge Is A Ever Expanding Process
Life Is A Garland Tying Man Together
Life Is The Ultimate Wave
Love Is The Power Which Keeps The Whole Universe Alive
Magic Is All Around Just Waiting To Be Seen
Man Climbs The Stairway Of Life And Gets Very Frustrated
Man Thinks That His Conscious Only Exists In His Brain
Man Uses Only Less Than Five Percent Of His Brain
Man Vision Of Paradise
Meditation Leads To A New Awakening
Only The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
Power Of Life
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within
The Miracle Of Life Lies Inside
The Modern Day Man Looks For God On The Moon And Beyond
The Sun Is Always Shinning We Just Fall Asleep
The Tao That Can Be Told Is Not The Eternal Tao
The Wise Man Just Simply Similes
The Wise Man Knows He Doesn't Have All The Answers
There Is A Guest Inside Of Us All
There Is A Special Message Inside Of Us
There's No Gravity The World Sucks
War Is Worse Than Any Four Letter Word
We Breath Such A Sweetness Of Life
We Come Into This World Thinking This Is Our Home
We Say We Are Intelligent But Are We
Western Man Says I Know All Of The Answers
What Are Your Goals In Life
What Is A Mango In Less Than A Word
What Is The Purpose Of Life
What Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
Whatever You Focus On You Eventually Become
Where Did Yesterday Go
Where Is Your True Home
Where Were You Before You Were Born
Who Were You Before Your Grandfather Was Born
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