Generator, Operator, Destroyer
Get To The Point
Getting Back On My Feet
Global Prosperity For All
Glory To The Almighty
God Willing
God’s Tricks
Got To Change Our Crazy World
Got To Remember Who You Truly Are
Got To Tell You
Hang In There
Hard Day Livin
Heart Of Gold
Hit The Wall
Hope Springs Eternal
I Don’t Care What You Think About Me
I Don’t Want To Go To War Against You
I Feel So Good When I Feel Love
I Feel So Much Love
I Got The Blues
If Death Approaches You
If Superman Was A Man
If You Don't Fall
If You Want To Go To War
Imagine The Feeling
In Being Human
In The Middle Of The Night
Is A Good Day
It Has Been Said
It Is Not Of This World
It’s Ok It’s Alright
Johnny The Music Maker
Just Come Back Home
Just Don’t Get Why
Just Tell Me
Just Turn On The Music
Keep Your Heart Alive
Keep Your Honor
Last Breath
Last Dance
Leave A Legacy Behind You
Let Me In Your Heart
Let The Light Shine Within
Life Is A Gift
Life Is More Than You Think It Is
Life Is So Beautiful
Life Is So Sweet
Living The Dream
Locked And Loaded
Lord Grant Me Patience
Lord What’s Going On
Love Is Always In The Air
Love Is That Way
Love Is Why We Are Here
Making Friends With Dragons
North Korean Crisis
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