5 times around the Earth
8 times as many atoms
About 1% of our genes come from plants
Always On Inside Of You
Bacterial Cells
But We All Must Go
Celebrate The Breath Of Life
Chemistry Is Life
Heaven's door
How Many Lifetimes
I Love Smiles
If We All Come From The Heart
It is already inside of you
Just Trust The Creator
Killer whales are actually dolphins
Lies, Lies, Lies
Life Goes On
My dear friend Richard
Not So Fast
Prayers for my twin brother John
RIP Grant Gelker
Slowly drift away
So many good people
So Many Solution
So Many Years Ago
The Beauty Of Living
The flap of a butterfly wings
The Goody Bag
The hand of God
The Inne Light
The known universe is made up of 50 billion galaxies
The Master's Come
The Untold
The World Would Change For The Better
True Paradise
Welcome To The Grand Illusion
Welcome To The World Of Maya
What a perfect day
Wow Wow Wow
You can’t taste food without saliva
You Don't Have To Be Crazy True Peace Is Within You
Your Next Breath
Your Spirit Took Human Form
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